StaRWIS is the first non-invasive road and runway weather sensor detecting road conditions, temperatures, friction and other parameters based on innovative LED Technology...


StaRWIS, offered by our vendor partner Lufft, is the first non-invasive road weather sensor detecting road and runway surface conditions, surface temperatures, relative humidity, dew & freezing temperatures, ice percentages as well as friction non-invasively and based on innovative LED Technology with 4 lenses.

Starwis 2.jpg
  • Parameters measured:Road condition (dry, moist, wet, ice, snow, critical wet, chemically wet), road surface temperature, ambient temperature, water film height, dew point temperature, relative humidity, ice percentage, freezing temperature, friction (calculated)
  • Measurement technology:Optical LED transmitters, photo receivers, pyrometer, infrared
  • Product highlights:non-invasive, plug and play, 100 measurement per second, multifunctional, wireless data transfer, no moving parts
  • Interfaces:Bluetooth, RS485, CAN-Bus, UMB - protocol

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