Radar Detection

Traffic Products works closely with our vendor partner, Iteris in offering the widest suite of reliable and cost effective detection solutions worldwide for intersections large and small. Iteris detection solutions are fully compatible and field proven with all controller types and all adaptive traffic control methodologies. The Iteris Vantage brand is the market benchmark, with superior life cycle costing as compared to any other in-ground or non-intrusive sensor. Contact Traffic Products for more information.

Vantage Vector sold by Traffic Products

Vantage Vector sold by Traffic Products

Vantage Vector by iteris

Vantage Vector® is an all-in-one detection sensor that provides both stop bar and advanced zone detection that will help enable advanced safety and adaptive control applications. It includes all the proven benefits of Iteris video detection: high accuracy, high availability, the video image for remote viewing, no trenching or pavement cutting for installation, and SmartCycle® technology.

Vantage Radius sold by Traffic Products

Vantage Radius sold by Traffic Products

Vantage Radius by iteris

VantageRadius™ is the newest sensor in the Iteris Vantage family that utilizes radar technology for vehicle detection at the intersection stop bar. VantageRadius builds on the success of the Vantage Vector hybrid detector offering a combination of radar and video designed specifically for stop bar detection at the intersection. Using radar and Iteris' enhanced detection algorithms ensures that VantageRadius can accurately detect vehicles and vehicle speeds as they approach the intersection, enabling the intersection to operate at its peak efficiency. The system is built on the simple-to-use Vantage Next® platform and continues the Iteris tradition of ease of installation and simple configuration.


Calming Traffic. Saving Lives.

SpeedCheck™ by Information Display Company has developed radar speed signs that dramatically outperform any other brand on the market by incorporating these exceptional features:

  • Highest contrast UltraClear™ display technology for best viewability in all weather and lighting conditions
  • Unique SafetyMask™ driver safety feature to prevent hazardous “rubbernecking” when drivers take their eyes off the road to look at the sign while passing it
  • Integrated ViolationAlert™, high-speed cut-off, and optional Slow Down message at user-defined speed thresholds
  • Lowest power consumption on the market for cost saving up-front and over time
  • Most durable construction throughout, using heavy 11-gauge welded aluminum and stainless steel and brass hardware
  • Best vandal-resistant design with ability to absorb up to two inches of impact deflection without damage to internal components
  • Modular design for easy repair in the field using standard tools