Snow Depth

Not only in winter sports is snow height is considered an important parameter. On transport routes and railway systems measuring the snow height is equally important. The laser based snow height sensors deliver quick and reliable information about snow height and ground reflectivity.  Contact Traffic Products for more information.


Snow Depth Sensor (SHM30)

Compact, reliable and cost-efficient. The SHM30 snow depth sensor reliably determines snow depths up to 10 meter within seconds and with millimeter precision. Based on an opto-electronic distance sensor emitting visible eye-safe laser light (laser rangefinder), the SHM 30 allows probing distances up to 30 meter to detect the surface level. Unlike snow depth sensors using ultrasonic methods, the laser distance measuring technique is independent of temperature changes. Even if the measuring process is impaired by precipitation, the SHM 30 reliably finds the snow surface due to its mode of operation. Further evaluation of the transmitted signal strength allows discrimination between snow and grass.

  • Parameters measured:Snow depth
  • Measurement technology:opto-electronic measuring technique with eye-safe laser sensor
  • Product highlights:Determination of snow depth over long distances, MTBF (meantime between failure) >40.000h, allows discrimination between snow and grass, very compact and weatherproof housing
  • Interfaces:RS232, RS422, analogue output

Snow Depth Sensor(SHM31) 

Millimeter-accurate snow levels in all weather conditions: The SHM 31 operates with a visible, easy-to-measure measuring beam. The snow depth is given up to 15 meters within seconds, millimeter-accurate and reliable. Various heating functions significantly extend the lifetime of the laser diode and allow high-quality measurement data in all weather conditions. Regular maintenance becomes redundant with the SHM 31. A very robust housing and an elaborate operation principle allows almost no maintenance work throughout the lifetime of the sensor.

  • Parameters measured:Snow depth
  • Measurement technology:opto-electronic measuring technique (rangefinder; laser distance sensor) with eye-safe laser
  • Product highlights:Determination of snow depth over long distances, heating options allow high quality measurements in all weather conditions, simplified installation due to automatic inclination angle compensation
  • Interfaces:RS485 & RS232 with UMB, UMB-ASCII 2.0 & SDI12 protocol

Non Invasive Road Sensor -(NIRS31)

The NIRS31-UMB is a non-invasive road weather sensor working with optical principle and is mounted several meters above the surface at bridges or masts. It measures surface conditions such as wetness, ice, snow, or frost as well as water film heights, ice percentage in water and freeze point temperature. Through these measurements it generates the friction coefficient on the road or runway.

  • Parameters measured:Layer thickness of water, snow and ice, surface conditions (dry, damp, wet, snow, ice), friction, optional: road surface temperature
  • Measurement technology:Optical principle, pyrometer
  • Product highlights:non-invasive, easy to install and add to existing measurement networks, friction measurement, real time data providing
  • Interfaces:UMB-binary, SDI-12, ASCII-UMB, analog outputs in combination with digital-analog-converter DACON8-UMB